I'm Alive... and Back With a New Essay

Hey everyone,

Finally, after six months, this newsletter comes alive again. So much has happened in the time since my last newsletter piece, An Orchestra of Emotions: I almost feel like a completely different person. You never really can underestimate what can happen in the span of a few months.

On the bright side, I've just released my new, deeply personal and incredibly vulnerable essay all unashamedly about me. I've been working on this essay on and off since August, with school getting in the way for many, many weeks. But I'm rather proud of what I've done, in spite of being posted a year after my last personal essay.

Anyway, I present you with Of Failure and Finitude! You can also visit my Medium profile here and find it.

I know it's quite long, but I bared my soul for this piece (as usual) so I would appreciate it if you took the time to read it. If you have any thoughts, comments, or feedback regarding my essay or what I discussed there, feel free to reply to this email. I'll make sure to reply.


On another note,

I once declared that I would release a piece every two weeks, but I'm sure it's clear to you all that I was far too ambitious. Given all the demands at school (both curricular and extracurricular) plus all the other things I may be working on at any moment, this sort of schedule is, frankly, impossible for me.

Moving forward, I will release pieces only when I am able to dedicate the necessary effort and when I find something truly worth sharing. Writing is something I still dearly enjoy and wish to pursue in the years to come, but right now I recognize that I just don't have the time and resources to commit to it fully.

Thank you once again for reading my work! Hopefully, it won't be too long before I write to you all again.

All the best,

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